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Black Hawaiian Sulawesi Surf Suit

Black Hawaiian

OH MY GOD THEY ARE FINALLY HERE. Our first ever full length surfsuit collection. Made by surfer girls, for surfer girls. Feel like an absolute water goddess in these beautiful one-piece, long-sleeve suits, designed to hold you in for all of your sea-side activities. Made to be worn by the beautiful long-boarder lady-sliders, for the short-board chargers, for the deep-sea divers, for the adventurers and explorers. Designed for those who live in the magic.


In our most classic print, the Black Hawaiian, you simply cannot go wrong. Be prepared to feel amazing the second you slide it on.



-Buttery-soft, high-tech, luxurious fabric

-Double layer fabric to hold you in and secure you

-Fabric does not slide when you are on your surfboard

-Front zipper for easy-use (very comfortable to wear when surfing, we've tried and tested over and over)

-Full-length sleeves to protect from the sun

-High-rise sides for the most universally-flattering fit for every body type

-Beautiful, unique Kavala prints


This suit is an absolute must have for all of our salt-sisters, we promise you'll adore it.


Black Hawaiian

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